This new year we carry a lot of uncertainty with us into 2013. Many unknowns await us. So we have decided to start a new tradition that will help us remember to see the good in even the biggest obstacles. We have created a Happiness Jar!
Starting Jan 1st add a note to the jar every time something makes us happy. We plan to utilize this activity on gloomy days when we all need a little reminder of how blessed we truly are. When you step back and ask yourself what in your life makes you happy you will see that it overshadows whatever has went wrong that day.

A personal example.... a few weeks ago on an already busy Monday morning we noticed something was leaking from our only vehicle, so after some stressful juggling on schedules I headed over to Shadley's where he discovered that all the brake lines would have to be replaced. That was a blow our budget just didn't see coming. What a horrible day....until I picked up our 5 yr old up from RSG preschool. She beamed with joy as she proudly announced that she had helped a new kid during play time. Her joy made me realize I was missing the big picture that day... it was just a car....just a bill...just money.... I decided that it would not ruin my day as long as I counted the happiness that I had instead of the difficulties. Moments like that will now go on a note and into our Happiness Jar!

My husband, our 2 little girls, and myself all plan to participate in this year long tradition of the Happiness Jar. We will add notes when something good happens to us, and it will serve as a reminder that some days we just need to look a little harder to see the good among our struggles. Then on New Years Eve next year we will open the jar and read all the notes and enjoy the happiness we had in 2013!