This past Sunday I woke up abruptly at 6 a.m. to my husband telling me to get out of bed! Our sump pump had failed and the basement was flooded! While we didn't have anything extremely expensive down there, it is a finished basement that we use as a toy room. Thankfully, the Christmas gifts had yet to make it downstairs in the land of forgotten toys.

It was heartbreaking to fill trash bag after trash bag...all wet and ruined toys. It made us sick to think of all the money and time spent, that had to be thrown away...of all the kids in the world who didn't even have enough toys to fill a toy box. That thought is what made me realize even in the midst of an uphill battle, we have so much to be thankful for. I started thinking differently...looking for all the bad in our lives, because the fact that we have struggles means we are more blessed than over half of our fellow Americans.

Let me ask you something...Are bills piled up at the door? Not sure how your going to keep your heat on this month? Trying to figure out which bill you can push back to next paycheck? I say BE THANKFUL for those struggles!

I know it is tough these days to just survive let alone thrive, but sometimes I think we overlook how lucky we are to have bills... even past due bills. Because somewhere...probably in every town in the U.S., there is someone living out of their car or worse. They don't have bills piling up at the door...they don't even have a door. It is a dream to be in a warm house with heat blowing through the vents...but they don't have a heating bill. Yes, we complain about the cost of the water bill...but in some countries there are families who have no idea when or if they will ever get another drink of clean water.

Join me this week in looking for the bad in your life. If you are able to take a negative event, such as a basement flood, and realize how lucky you are to even have a basement, it will make your mountains easier to climb. Take pride in knowing that you are fortunate enough to have a car that needs oil, a house that needs cleaned, bills that are due...for your struggles are only a dream to many people in the world.