ADA - Ada High School held its 2013 varsity spring sports award banquet Tuesday night. Northwest Conference scholar-athlete honors were conferred on students who earned a letter and had at least a 3.0 grade point average during the quarter in which they played the sport.

The following were special award winners:

Boys Track

Captain: Russell Gray

MVP: Micah Roberson

Amy Poe: Danny Klingler

Century Club: Russell Gray, Levi Klingler, Micah Roberson, Tristan Armbrecht, Matt Wilcox

4th Letter: Russell Gray, Karl Karcher, Brent Numbers, Jon Robey

3rd Yr: Levi Klingler, Tristan Armbrecht, Matt Wilcox

2nd Yr: Atreyu Hunter, Micah Roberson, Kellen Decker, Cole Tabor, Mitchell Wilcox

1st Yr: Jake Maher, Austin Dumbaugh, Dylan Hannah, Danny Klingler, Luke Long-Green, Chanler Hughart

NWC Scholar Athlete: Karl Karcher, Levi Klingler, Jon Robey, Atreyu Hunter, Brent Numbers, Russell Gray, Jake Maher, Matt Wilcox, Cole Tabor, Austin Dumbaugh, Spencer Archer, Dylan Hannah, Mitchell Wilcox, Chandler Hughart.

Girls Track

Captain: Morgan Rouch

MVP: Brittney Archer

Century Club: Morgan Rouch, Brittney Archer

4th Letter: Morgan Rouch, Katelyn Simon

2nd Yr: Gabby Linnon, Terra Hunter, Lindsay Walden

1st Yr: Taylor Willeke, Brittney Archer, Molly Gamble, Alexandria Boyadzhiev, Carlee Marshall, Katey Stuart, Alex James, Morgan Sutton

NWC Scholar Athlete: Morgan Rouch, Katelyn Simon, Taylor Willeke, Brittney Archer, Gabby Linnon, Terra Hunter, Lindsay Walden, Molly Gamble, Katey Stuart, Alex James, Morgan Sutton


MVP: Gabe Sutton

Offensive Player: Brayden Sautter

Defensive Player: Hunter Waller

Pitcher of the Year: Austin Cobb

Most Improved: Connor English

Rookie of the Year: Brayden Sautter

Bulldog Award: Dakota Frazier

4th Letter: Austin Cobb

3rd Yr: Gabe Sutton, Brenden Szippl

2nd Yr: Dakota Frazier, Cory Kellum, Ben Neville, Connor English, Cort Everhart, Steven Gray, Alex Nichelson, Hunter Waller

1st Yr: Mason Acheson, Brady Pitney, Lane Nitchie, Tyler Archer, Brayden Sautter, Blake Willeke

NWC Scholar Athlete: Gabe Sutton, Austin Cobb, Mason Acheson, Brenden Szippl, Alex Nichelson, Cory Kellum, Ben Neville, Steven Gray, Connor English, Cort Everthart, Brayden Sautter, Blake Willeke.


Captain: Samantha Wildman, Kendra Paul, Cosette Brodeur, Trista Douce

MVPs: Samantha Wildman, Alexis Amburgey

Offensive MVP: Ashley Windle

Defensive MVP: Alexis Gonzaga

Bulldog Award: Tessa Coulson

Most Improved: Madison Pinks

4th Letter: Kendra Paul, Samantha Wildman

3rd Yr: Trista Douce, Cosette Brodeur, Alexis Gonzaga, Katelyn Guagenti, Ashley Windle

2nd Yr: Alexis Amburgey

1st Yr: Madison Pinks, Tessa Coulson, Kaylee Spangler, Quinn High, Ashley Sumner, Megan Simon

NWC Scholar Athlete: Samantha Wildman, Trista Douce, Cosette Brodeur, Alexis Gonzaga, Katelyn Guagenti, Ashley Windle, Alexis Amburgey, Madison Pinks, Quinn high, Megan Simon, Ashley Sumner.