ADA — Lacey Fisher, her daughter Layla and son Luke patiently awaited the arrival of their favorite soldier - Matt Fisher. After a ten year Navy career, the Fisher family are used to sad goodbyes and excited welcome homes, but this time was different. On November 2nd, Fisher arrived in Ada, his and his wife’s hometown, for good. The couple were raised in Ada and felt a pull to move back when their oldest child started Kindergarten over a year ago. Lacey, Layla and Luke moved home, while Matt stayed in Florida to finish serving. Being on her own for a year was one of the hardest things Fisher had to do. While her husband came home as often as he could, she over seen much of buying their home and the remodeling process by herself. “We have a lot of family in Ada, everyone helped get the house ready for his homecoming” said Fisher. Layla, a first grader at Ada Elementary said she is glad her dad is home because “he makes the best pancakes.” Her little brother who is four, can’t wait to have his dad home to help him with baseball. Fisher said the house was basically brand new to her husband, because of all the remodeling that was done while he was still serving. “I helped my mommy move boxes and unpack so it would be ready for daddy” said Layla. Luke was very proud of the Welcome Home sign he helped his mom make. Fisher was hired upon his return by Honda. His service as an Aviation Technician in the Navy makes him an asset for Honda as well. Additionally, Fisher has joined the Navy Selected Reserves and will continue serving his country one weekend a month and two weeks a year. Fisher said it feels “kind of surreal” to finally be home for good and not just a short leave. He says while he received weekly updates on the house, “there’s nothing like pulling up in my own driveway and knowing this is now my home… for good! Thankful that my wife and family got the house ready so that we were able to enjoy our new home together without a huge to do list.” It is clear Fisher is committed to his country, but he says “it is a huge relief to know I don’t have to leave my wife and kids again.” The entire Fisher family is happy to have their soldier home.