ADA - The ONU Astronomy Club invites you to visit the ONU Observatory tonight for "Close call Friday: Near Earth Asteroids". On this date, an asteroid about 45 meters across will come within 18,000 miles of the Earth -- closer than some of our geosynchronous satellites.

The asteroid is called "2012 DA14" and it would explode with the energy of 2.4 megatons of TNT if it were to impact the Earth. Fortunately, astronomers are confident that this rock will miss us.

Nevertheless, asteroids will be the theme of this event. Although we will not be able to see 2012 DA14 from Ohio, we will look at other asteroids, along with telescopic favorites like Jupiter. Powerpoint slides will be presented around 9 p.m., about asteroids and the threat they pose to Earth.

You can now bring your iPhone and get a picture through a telescope! You can also order an ONU Astronomy Club t-shirt commemorating Neal Armstrong!

This event is free and open to the public. Dress warmly. The event will be canceled in the event of cloudy weather. Check this web site on the afternoon before the event for cancellations: