ADA - Four votes to two. That was the final result of the third reading of the Ordinance 2012-19 that approves the plans reconstruction, with sidewalks, of the concrete streets in Ada. The safety of village residents, current and future, was the deciding factor for the four council members who voted to approve the plans.

Residents were once again given the chance to speak before Council during the Tuesday night meeting although they quickly left the room following the deciding vote. Terry Price read a petition signed by fellow homeowners on Christopher Circle thanking the council members and Mayor Retterer for giving them the opportunity to speak, and for taking their side into consideration.

Council had to go through two votes on the ordinance before making the original plans to proceed official. The first vote was to replace the original Ordinance 2012-19 with an amended substitute that would take Christopher Circle, Brandi Place, Valerie Drive and Jocelyn Drive off of the list of streets getting new sidewalks. Only two members voted to do so, putting the original Ordinance 2012-19, with sidewalks for all streets, back on the table.