One way we strive to keep work sites safe and protected is by placing barricades around sites. There may be bright orange barrels surrounding or covering a site. Tripod barricades are also used, often around sidewalks being repaired. Yellow security tape may be also strung across work sites, as a visible reminder for you to steer clear of that area.

When doing work to the street tree canopy or near the rights of way, Village employees may place barricades in street parking places. The barricades may be in place overnight, so our work crews can get to the project site first thing in the morning. If the Village has to spend time trying to get a hold of vehicle owners to move their vehicles, the project, and your inconvenience, may be prolonged.

If you see a barricade, please cooperate with our procedures. Do not move a barricade for any reason. If a street is barricaded, please do not go around the barricade; you may be risking your own safety, and the safety of our crews. If you are concerned about the reason for barricading, please call the Water Office and we will do our best to give you the necessary information. We want you to be able to use that particular site again as soon as possible. Your cooperation helps us keep our sites safe and complete our projects in a timely manner.