The things we think we, as consumers, can put down our drains and toilets aren't always what the drains are made to handle. Some of the items are a matter of common sense. Would you ever think to put rags down the drain or toilet as a means of disposal? Probably not. And, even though they are marketed as 'disposal' diapers, it is still a pretty good idea to avoid trying to flush them down the toilet. The same thinking should be applied to feminine hygiene products of any type.

Some of the other culprits that top the list of things to NOT put down the sanitary sewer system include: coffee grounds, egg shells, produce stickers, condoms, bags, cardboard, grease, fat or oils of any kind, corrosive substances and over the counter and prescription medications.

Let's talk about what happens when these things do end up down the drain. Naturally, the idea of raw sewage floating around your bathroom, yard, or down our streets due to a clogged drain isn't a pleasant idea for anyone. It makes you think about the clean up, the smell, and the potential disease-causing organisms, none of which are pleasant.

A common question then is: what do I do with these items? When it comes to unused or expired medications, the answer can be found right here in Ada this weekend. A drug take back event will be held in the parking lot just north of Rite Aid on Saturday, April 27th, from 9:00 am - 12:00 noon. Only household medications can be accepted at this event, and no business/industry/farm medications/chemicals will be accepted. This event is sponsored by Hardin Memorial Hospital, the Hardin County Sheriff's Office, North Central Ohio Solid Waste District, and the Rudolph H. Raabe College of Pharmacy at Ohio Northern University.