ADA - Have you ever stopped to look at the beauty of natural wood? To take your finger and follow the grain made from years of growth? To notice the astonishing colors the many varieties of trees hold under their protective bark? Each piece of wood has a rich history just waiting for someone to showcase. Les Thede is one of those woodworkers that allow the wood to participate in the design of his "EverLasting Furniture."

Many paths in Thede's life have converged to set him on this next journey of woodworking, primarily the dissatisfaction of cheaply made, prefabricated, pressed-wood furnishings that, "seem to be designed to self-destruct in a few short years!," Thede exclaimed.

Thede, a retired Ohio Northern University professor, took his longtime respect of wood and engineering knowledge to make his first big creation: a bedside table for his wife, Diane. What Thede intended to be quality keepsake furniture and furnishings for his family and close friends, soon became more than the family garage could handle!

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