ADA — Ohio Northern University opens its doors to the 2011-12 school year with the introduction of a new president and a change from a quarters calendar to a semesters calendar. Move-in day for incoming freshmen and new students is Saturday, August 20, and classes begin on Monday, August 22.
"Ohio Northern University expects the arrival of more than 800 new undergraduate students, a 12 percent increase from fall 2010, with a more than 15 percent increase of first time freshmen," said Karen Condeni, vice president and dean of enrollment. "Each college (Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, Engineering and Pharmacy) will experience increases from last fall. The new entering undergraduate class is comprised of students from 23 states beyond Ohio, as well as international students from eight countries. This new class is not only very academically talented, but also involved and committed to a wide range of out-of-classroom activities and leadership roles. Additionally this year, there is a 44 percent increase in transfer students, as Ohio Northern continues its outreach to students arriving with advanced credits."
Residence Halls will open at 8 a.m. on Saturday when incoming students can begin the process of moving in with the support of the campus community. ONU expects approximately 120 new law students and more than 2,300 returning students. The total headcount enrollment (students taking ONU classes on and off campus) is expected to top 3,500. Overseeing the move-in process for the first time will be President Daniel A. DiBiasio, who is the University's eleventh president.
DiBiasio, who spent the last 16 years as the president of Wilmington College, sees new and exciting challenges as the University continues to maintain its excellence in education by introducing a new semester system and an increase in enrollment.
"I am looking forward to meeting and helping students move in," DiBiasio said. "I see this as an opportunity to welcome students and their parents to the ONU family and to show support for this new beginning of what will be an exciting time in their lives. I am happy to be part of this great University as we open the 140th academic year and look forward to continuing the tradition of providing our students with a transforming educational experience."
ONU is introducing the new semester format for the 2011-12 school year, replacing the quarter system. The change was made because the University's administration and faculty believe that this change will increase opportunities for the expansion of excellent programs and even greater learning opportunities for students.