COLUMBUS - Halloween is a fun celebration, but it can also be dangerous when adding alcohol into the mix. Agents with the Ohio Department of Public Safety's Ohio Investigative Unit urge safe and responsible celebrating.

In many of Ohio's cities and towns Halloween celebrations will be underway this weekend, including Athens, Dayton's Oregon District and Kent. These celebrations bring very large crowds from all over the region and the state. We understand there will be underage individuals attending these events that will attempt to purchase or consume alcohol.

"Agents are reminding everyone who is under 21, it is against the law to purchase, possess or consume alcohol," said Agent-in-Charge Eric Wolf. "Whether you're a college student visiting a friend at another university, or you are coming from the next town over, poor decisions during your night out can have devastating consequences."

Agents will be looking for alcohol violations such as - but not limited to - underage drinking, furnishing alcohol to a person under 21, using fake IDs and public intoxication. Agents will also be assisting local and state enforcement agencies with trace-back investigations stemming from alcohol involved crashes.