ADA - The Ada Music Boosters are holding a fundraiser to support various Ada music programs from fifth grade through the twelfth grade. The money raised will support projects like Varsity Singers, Marching Band, Winterguard, Senior Flag Line, Junior High winterguard, Junior High choir and band, Senior High choir and concert band as well as the musical.

The fundraiser is a GMACK Laundry Detergent program. The detergent and fabric softeners are liquid and in clear five gallon buckets with an easy pump dispenser. Each five gallon bucket costs $45 and the money is due when the items are ordered. Checks can be made out to Ada Music Boosters. Orders and money are due to the school by Wednesday, April 10, and delivery is estimated to be on Friday, April 19.

The detergents are available for regular and high efficiency (HE) as original detergent, detergent with softener, detergent with bleach, detergent with Febreeze ®, dye and perfume free detergent, and detergent with mountain spring scent. Please specify what type and if for a regular machine or a HE machine. These detergents are considered to be comparable to Tide® products. The fundraiser also has available detergents for regular and HE machines that are comparable to Gain and Gain with Febreeze®.

The fabric softeners are available as original, April fresh, and green mountain spring. These products work out to be $.07 per ounce and are lower in cost then the retail discount stores. You can refill old laundry bottles with the pump dispenser and help the environment as well. If you are interested in purchasing these products, please contact any student in the music department or contact members of the Ada Music Boosters. Check out the Ada Music Boosters website, a booster club officer or email Karen Kier at for more information.