ADA — Ahead of another round of bitterly cold temperatures and snowfall, Ada Village Administrator Jim Meyer urged residents to be smart about the freezing conditions.

“People are encouraged to use common sense during this cold weather,” he said during the Village Council meeting Tuesday evening.

The village had few frozen meters during the last cold snap but residents did experience frozen and busted pipes in their homes. Meyer offered several tips to help keep the pipes running when temperatures are so low, including letting water run to keep pipes clear, opening cabinets under the sink to allow warm air to circulate and using the snow as an insulator on cracked foundations. Meyer acknowledged the possibility of an increase in residents’ water bills if faucets are allowed to run but did point out that the increase would be less than bills to repair broken plumbing.

Meyer also updated councilors during a Streets Committee meeting about the Safe Routes to School program being offered by the Ohio Department of Transportation. The village has received a grant to update sidewalks and install ADA ramps along Highland Avenue, a route commonly used by students to get to the Ada schools. As part of the agreement with ODOT, the village would be required to pay for engineering for the project and an environmental study of the project area, a cost that was included in the village’s 2014 budget.

Cuts to the transportation budget at the district has restricted the number of students able to ride a bus to school thereby increasing the number of junior high and high school students walking and riding their bikes to class. The school plans to install more bike racks to accommodate the increased number of bikes at the school but the roads students take to get there could be made more safe with updated sidewalks and ramps. Councilors will decide on whether to accept the $250,000 grant offered by the state at their next meeting.

The Personnel and Buildings and Grounds committees will meet on Tuesday, Jan. 28, at 6:30 p.m. in Council Chambers. The next regular meeting of the Ada Village Council will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 4.