ADA - The Ada First United Methodist Church Administrative Council met on June, 17 to review reports from the newly formed Building and Visioning Council concerning their next steps in moving foward in response to the tragic fire that consumed the church struture this spring.

The Administrative Council started by considering a recommendation from the Building Committee that the Church enter into a contract to remove all remaining walls, debris, foundation, and the concrete slab at 301 North Main Street and to have the Board of Trustees investigate the value to the remaining elevator and give consideration to realizing such value instead of destroying it. 

After some discussion, the motion to accept the recommendation of the Building Committee passed unanimously.  The Board of Trustees then reported that their inquiries reveal that what remains of the elevator has nothing other than scrap value.  In addition, the trustees brought forward the recommendation that the building site be cleared by Tuttle Construction and that money from the insurance 'hold back' be allocated for this purpose.  The Board of Trustees motion passed unanimously as well.  The remaining clean up work will be completed by mid July. 

Listening to God's call, Ada First UMC will be taking the following steps.  The Visioning Committee will be responsible for and hold three all-church events called "summits." 

These summits will answer the following questions: 1) Where the church has been, 2) Where the church is going, and 3) How the church will get there.  After each Summit, the Visioning team will be responsible for going to "pulse group" gatherings beyond the church community to listen to their collective wisdom.  At the end of this work, the Visioning Committee will bring its summary report to the Administrative Council and Building Committee. 

Each of these major events, the Summits and Summary report to Council, will be led by a professional facilitator.  This process has been chosen for its ability to trust God's willingness to 'reveal' Ada First UMC's future ministry through many: the congregation, our neighbors who share this community and more.  Please continue to keep the Visioning Committee in your prayers as they do this precious work.

According to the report by the Administrative Council, it would be best for the vision work to be completed before the Building Committee starts its work.  The luxury of time does not exist, therefore the Building Committee is engaged in the preliminary work as follows: visiting other churches and recent builds with two questions - what works and what doesn't, and exploring options available for building - sites, styles, constructing options, to name a few.  The intention is to be as ready as possible for the moment when it's the right time to move into the building phase.