KENTON - Heritage Cooperative will hold a groundbreaking ceremony on Friday, Nov. 1, for a $7 million expansion to its branch in Kenton. The expansion will benefit the local economy and increase services to the organization's customers.

Specifically, the project includes building a state-of-the-art fuel station, located at Bales Road and State Route 31, and construction of several storage tanks and a load-out building for the agronomy division that will provide increased services to Heritage Cooperative's local customers.

The first phase of the expansion is the fuel station, which will offer gasoline, E85, diesel, diesel exhaust fluid and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). With four pumps for passenger vehicles, five pumps for commercial vehicles and three dedicated CNG pumps, the station will be a valuable new resource for Kenton-area residents and for town and county businesses in public service, agriculture and transportation.

The second phase of the expansion will begin in December and will include a two-million-gallon liquid fertilizer storage tank and a computer automated liquid load-out building with eight ten-thousand gallon bulk chemical tanks and storage areas for package products and mini-bulk containers. Also added to the site will be four, thirty-thousand gallon liquid fertilizer storage tanks and two large water storage tanks.

This project is expected to be completed in spring 2014. For more information and updates on the expansion projects, visit