Seven students at Rhythm in Motion Dance Centre performed before and during the Outback Bowl on New Years Day.
Seven students at Rhythm in Motion Dance Centre performed before and during the Outback Bowl on New Years Day.
ADA - This New Years Day will forever hold a special memory for 7 Rhythm In Motion Dance Centre dance students. The dancers Kendra Paul, and Kelsey Zimmerly, from Ada High School; Erica Sheehan, Amelia Heslep, and Ashley Schweyer, from Bluffton High School; Evan Smittle, from Ada; and Olyvia Sloan, from Upper Scioto Valley, preformed the pregame and half time shows of the 2013 Outback Bowl.

The dancers were selected to take part in this opportunity after instructor and studio owner, Darcey Schneider, submitted an audition tape to Just for Kix, the organization in charge of bowl game performances. They spent many months preparing for their trip to Tampa, learning the routines that they would perform in front of 60,000 football fans!

Dancers and their families arrived to the stadium Dec. 28 to begin practicing with the entire group. In addition to preparing for their performance, participants also enjoyed a trip to Clearwater Beach and Walt Disney World.

When it came time for the performance to begin nerves ran high, however, as soon as the music began the dance team did what they do best.....danced their hearts out! They gave an unforgettable performance.

As the dancers reflected on their experience, they said that it was a once in a lifetime trip. They are very thankful that they had this opportunity. During their time in Tampa they made new friendships and amazing memories that they will cherish for many years to come.

When asked what advice they have to offer young dancers they said "at the end of the day it is hard work and they do have rough days, but it will ALWAYS be something that they love".

The parents who went on the trip said that it was wonderful to be able to take part in such an experience. They really enjoyed watching their son/daughter out on the field dancing for the entire stadium. While it was a long trip to the Outback Bowl, everyone involved agreed it was a remarkable journey.

When asked what was the best moment of the entire trip, the dancers gave a resounding reply "THE PERFORMANCE"!