ADA - The Firefighter Phil Program is thrilled to present their 2013-2014 programs to the local elementary schools. With the involvement of Ada Liberty Fire Department, the Firefighter Phil Program will cover some important topics. One of the main points of emphasis this year during the programs will be on how to prevent kitchen fires. Since the program is geared to the elementary grade students, the lessons are taught in a fun, energized way.

The Firefighter Phil Program will visit Ada Elementary School on Tuesday, Oct. 1, beginning at 9:45 a.m. Much to the children's delight, two of Firefighter Phil's Pals, Sal the Smoke Alarm and Spark the Dragon, will be there to help teach the important safety lessons.

The program begins with an introduction of the Ada Liberty Firefighters in attendance. It's important for the children to know that the Firefighters are friendly and work to keep us safe every day. They are always around to help the children if they need it.

The next segment will feature, Firefighter Phil's special pal, Sal the Smoke Alarm. Sal the Smoke Alarm is everybody's friend because he helps save lives. Smoke detectors let the children know there is smoke in the room long before they can smell it. The children are then reminded of the rules for Sal the Smoke Alarm.

After Sal says goodbye to the children, they will be shown the Turnout Gear that the firefighters wear when they are fighting a fire. It was important for the children to see all the gear and equipment that the firefighters use. This way the children will be less likely to be afraid if they ever need a firefighter to help them.

As mentioned earlier, Firefighter Phil's other special pal this year is Spark the Dragon. Spark will be welcomed with great enthusiasm. Spark will talk to the children about being safe. Spark reminds the children that Firefighters are there to help keep them safe. Spark will reiterate to them that school is safe. Spark will have them look for the Exit signs and reminds them that every room should have two ways out. If they know how to be safe they will feel safe. The children should feel safe at school and at home.

The final review of all the safety lessons learned happens when the children participate in a game. "What would Firefighter Phil do?" The children will be given different scenarios and asked to think about the answer. The children will be divided into two teams and they will have lots of fun coming up with the right answers.

As a post assembly activity for a job well done, teachers, parents and children will be encouraged to go to the website and request additional materials. There are Values in Action cards and a VIP poster that reinforce the lessons taught in the program and in the activity books that the children will receive after the program. The Ada Liberty Fire Department and The Firefighter Phil Program also want to thank the businesses that make this program possible.