KENTON -Hardin County Auditor Michael T. Bacon is warning property owners to beware of companies offering to assist with tax valuation appeals.

Tax Compliance Services, LLC has mailed letters to area residents indicating that they have "significant mistakes" on the tax records which are increasing owner's tax bills.

"We have reviewed a number of these solicitations and it is clear that this company is simply sending a form letter with a few pieces of information about a particular parcel, so that it looks like an in-depth analysis has been done. In actuality, we have found some errors in the data supplied by this company in their letters", said Bacon.

In addition to using erroneous information, this company is not taking into account other important factors regarding tax valuation, stated Bacon.

"I am especially concerned that this company is misleading county residents promising a '100% guaranteed reduction'. Promises of risk-free filing are extremely misleading. Each case filed with the County Board of Revision is considered on its merits and can possibly increase the value of a property.

Any property owner who thinks their property is not properly valued may contest that value free of charge by filling out a simple form (DTE 1) and turning it into the Auditor's Office before April 1. The form can be picked up at the Auditor's office or can be downloaded at the County's website Select "View Departments", then select "Auditor". For more information on this process, feel free to contact the Auditor's Office at 419-674-2239.