ADA - To open their regular meeting, Tuesday, Sept. 18, Ada Village Council heard from a frustrated resident about the noise level during parties that are occurring in the house next to his on Main Street. He chose to address council about the problems he is having with student parties almost every night over each weekend. Loud music, violent outbursts, and vandalism are taking place until the early hours of the morning.

After hearing the concerns of the resident, council continued their meeting as usual. The first order of business was a first reading of an ordinance, #2012-06, to increase the flat rate sewer charges for residents both in and out of the corporation limits. The increase in charges are deemed necessary as the Village prepares to make improvements to the Waste Water Treatment Plan. Charges will vary based on meter size and will be in effect starting in January 2013. Residents will first notice the increase on their February 2013 bill. 

Next on the agenda was a resolution, #2012-20, that would allow Village Administrator Jim Meyer to apply for funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency regarding cleanup from the storm of June 29. Hardin County was officially declared a disaster area on August 20, making it possible for the village to gain access to federal and state assistance. 

Village Council would like to remind residents of the Public Meeting scheduled for Monday, Sept. 24, at Community Health Professionals. The meeting is being held to give Ada residents, especially those in the E. Lima Avenue area, a chance to view and hear the plans for the construction projects that will take place in 2014. Appraisal work will begin in the area soon and council would like everyone to be prepared when the time comes. The meeting is open to all residents of Ada and will begin at 7 p.m.