HARROD - The Board of Directors for the Allen East Community Center met for a regular meeting on Monday, Oct. 8.Present were Larry Hefner, Lyman McCluer, Gary Hawk, Sandy Webb, Carol Gramm. The minutes of the previous meeting and the Treasurer's report were approved.

Under Old Business, Webb reported that Jim Pinks was at the facility on Oct. 5 to check the flashing on the outside of the south gym wall. The day was so dreary and wet that the usual stripe of light was not visible. He will make a return visit. Tippe was there Sept. 30 to check the roof for the leak. He will return to move stone to find it  Hefner noted that Moran has fixed the outdoor faucet.

McCluer, Hawk, and Hefner will be at the Center on Friday, at 1 p.m., to begin setting up for Saturday's Reverse Raffle. They solidified plans for the number of rows of tables to be placed and other areas to be arranged. Anyone needing tickets should contact the Center or Dana Jones.

Under New Business, Webb stated that an area group has contacted AECC as it may be needing a place to meet and store paraphernalia. She asked for a price to convey to the group for the time and space which it requires. A priced was quoted; Webb will see that the group has this information.

Hefner told the group that Shannon suggested that grants may be available for a new roof for AECC. Of course, the grants would be awarded to the Village since the building is owned by it. They will further study this possibility.

The contract is signed with the Election Board for all Auglaize Township voting to take place at AECC on Nov. 6. Set up for this event will be on Nov. 5.

Hefner moved and McCluer seconded the motion to adjourn; motion carried.