HARDIN COUNTY - Hundreds of cases have gone uncollected since the 1990's, so Hardin County Clerk of Courts, Carrie L. Haudenschield, is following the lead of other courts by contracting with a collection agency since she has limited staff, resources and cannot effectively track down delinquent payments. This procedure is not unusual for courts around the state and this is what many are doing to address the problem.

On March 31, delinquent cases will be referred to Pioneer Credit Recovery Inc, a Sallie Mae Company, which will add a collection fee that will not cost the county any money. They fund their operations through the collection fee and have a great reputation.

When a case concludes, a statement for the fees and costs are mailed. Individuals have the opportunity to enter into a payment agreement or sign a wage withholding. Individuals will be advised that if they fail to comply, their account(s) will be transferred to collection.

The Clerk of Courts has made it easier to pay fees and costs by accepting credit/debit card payments either by our website: www.hardincourts.com, clicking Clerk of Court link then click make a payment or over the phone. We also accept payments by cash, certified check or money order. No personal checks will be accepted.

The Clerk can cancel the contract at anytime if she is dissatisfied with the collection agency's performance.