ADA — The saying “farm tough” recently took on a new meaning for Ada resident Alice Bucher. Bucher is 100-years young and enjoys spending her days tending to the fields with farmers Randy Scoles & Brenda Wolber. She was full of joy on Monday as she rode with Scoles in the combine and took down the last field of corn for the season.
“She was with him for the first day of planting, and she wanted to see the last of our crops come off,” Wolber said.
Only a few weeks ago, Bucher had to take some time off farming.
“I had my first farming accident and I did it at 100 years old,” Bucher explained.
When she is working with Scoles, Bucher climbs in and out of the equipment on her own, and one time she missed a step. The slip caused Bucher to suffer a painful scrape on her shin. Scoles said Bucher had to take some time off from farming to recover, but that she tried to hide the injury from her sons. Bucher knew her sons would worry if they found out she got hurt.
Unfortunately she ended up having to tell them the truth when her doctor noticed the scrapse during a routine checkup.
The minor farming accident hasn’t slowed Bucher down one bit. Now the farmers just make sure to give her a little extra help climbing in and out of the tractors.
Wolber said she wishes more people could look at life the way Bucher does. “She has such a good attitude, she is a really positive person” said Bucher.