ADA - The Buy Ada First Committee, an ad hoc group consisting of local business people and residents, will hold the community's first-ever cash mob on Tuesday, Oct. 16, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The location, which is a prominent Main Street business, will be revealed soon.

What is a cash mob? It is a new trend where people use social media to plan organized events. A cash mob is like a flash mob, but instead of singing or dancing, cash mobbers join together to support their local economy by visiting and making purchases at a selected local business.

Cash mobs encourage members of the community to support a local business by creating an immediate economic stimulus. It also creates a way to unify people in a community the Buy Ada First Committee hopes to continue this project by holding more cash mobs in Ada.

How can residents participate and spread the word? Watch Ada Facebook accounts, Twitter messages, and e-mails. When residents see information about Ada's October cash mob, they are encouraged to spread the word to their friends via social media.