The Superbowl is a time of celebration for Ada, Ohio, but this year the community has pulled together to make the celebration even bigger. The first ever Made In Ada Football Festival will take place on Saturday Feb 4th. The day long event will offer football fans a variety of entertainment and a chance for the community to come together and kickoff the Superbowl. Every year Wilson’s Football factory makes around 100 special footballs to be used during the big game. The main event for the Football Festival is the drop of a giant Wilson football made by Ada resident Wynn Hauenstein. The football is modeled after the New Year’s Eve ball dropped in New York’s Times Square. Mayor Retterer said when the idea arose, Hauenstein was his first thought. It is ten feet long with a center diameter of approximately five feet. The frame is composed of eight sections, each made of two ten foot pieces of steel conduit welded together and shaped to resemble a football. Hauenstein used nylon to cover each section and bolted each section together. At midnight, a crane will drop the football at the Ada Depot while a computerized fireworks show plays on the side of a semi trailer. 250 Christmas lights are attached to the inside of the ball to create a glowing affect as it drops. The Wilson logo is on the front of the football, and Joel Hauenstein painted on laces.

Numerous collectable items will be available for purchase during the event as well as hundreds of raffle prizes. All proceeds will go towards future festivals as the event is expected to become an annual affair. The hope of Amy Eddings, festival co-chair, is that this festival will create an opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate their pride in being the football making capital. When asked what the weather looked like for the day of the event, Eddings laughed and said, “It is Ohio. It will be cold but we can handle it.”