ADA - On Friday, Feb. 8, after the Ada Schools had dismissed for the weekend, the Ada Police Department was requested to meet with Ada School officials, a 7th grade student and the students' parents regarding a rumor of a possible gun being brought to the school grounds in the future.

Upon investigation by officers of the department it was discovered that no threat had been made. Police officials discovered that a young man, in an attempt to "fit in" with buddies made up a story about a friend that was going to bring a gun to school. Officers talked with the friend who knew nothing of the story. Officers took extra precautions and conducted a voluntary search where neither guns, nor capacity to cause harm was found.

Officers of the Ada Police Department were satisfied that no threat existed and further that the story was completely fabricated.

The Ada Police conferred with school officials during the weekend and it was determined that the Ada Schools would handle the issue internally.

On Monday, Feb. 11, sometime in the late morning or early afternoon, a Facebook posting was made by a mother of a student claiming that the Ada Schools were in lockdown and that a gun was on school grounds, neither of which was true.

As a matter of note, the Ada Police Department and the Ada School Administration maintains a very strong relationship. For the past several months the Ada Police Department has expanded their routine school patrols to include routine interior patrols by officers during the school day. It is the goal of the department to have a visible presence in the schools a majority of the school week.

According to follow up with the mother who posted the Facebook post, she took the police presence and police scanner traffic indicating that officers were at the school as indication of a lock down. This posting legitimately caused great concern by those who read and responded to the post, yet no emergency or lockdown existed as school continued without disruption.

The Ada Police Department and the Ada School Administration want to assure the public that in the case of an actual emergency or lockdown, the public would be notified immediately through the official school notification procedures and through the Ada Police Community Notification System "Nixle", which the public can sign up for at