ADA — The Ada Liberty Township Fire Department has recently developed the first ice rescue team in Hardin County. Seven members have become certified as Level 2 ice rescuers who are trained to go onto an ice-covered body of water and retrieve victims who have fallen through frozen lakes and ponds. Several additional members were trained in shore-based ice rescue techniques.

There are 133 acres of lakes, 166 ponds and 297 linear miles of streams and rivers within Hardin County. Many of these ponds are located in publicly accessible areas where they pose a potential safety hazard.

The ALTFD has also purchased several pieces of equipment that are necessary for ice rescue including throw bags, ice rescue suits, helmets, personal flotation devices and a Rescue Alive craft that is designed to safely transport a rescuer and victim across thin ice. The department has also purchased a vehicle that will be used for ice rescue, first responder calls and other specialized applications. Training and equipment were partially funded by a grant from the Hardin County Community Foundation.