In the words of an excited audience member Saturday night: "The Ada Auditorium has now been officially christened." Many Varsity Singer Alumni agreed that it was the time of their life. With over 400 in attendance, the Ada Alumni Varsity Singers presented a two-hour long concert to Ada alumni and community members. The choir was under the direction of E. Lynn Knoble of Ada, music director at Ada High School from 1978 to 2003. The instrumental ensemble was directed by Dean McDowell, from Palms Springs California, former Ada Instrumental director from 1978 to 1986. Accompanists for the choir were Lori Paul of Kenton, Ada alums Emily Lenhart of Columbus and Andrea Traster Rosenthal of Cincinnati. The evening's performances were announced by Sam Beckley of Ada, Ada High School's principal and then superintendent from 1987 to 2003.

Ada Alumni Varsity Singers from Maryland, Indiana, North Carolina, California, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and all over Ohio reunited in 11 songs. The concert was opened with 2003 alum Kory Hubbel leading the choir in "Home Sweet Home." The audience was treated to 15 alumni solo numbers; Jeff Oestreich-class of 1981, LeAnn Moore-class of 1983, Kevin Plaugher-class of 1984, Jane Napier-class of 1985, Philip Allen, Stephanie Shull, Joe Wauben, Andrea Traster Rosenthal all alums from 1986, Holly Fries Pinchouck-class of 1989, Kelly Williams Kloeppel-class of 1991, Erin Klingler Lehman-class of 1993, Mandy Brown Henson-class of 1998, Dustin Agner-class of 2000, Rachel Maris Ludwig-class of 2002 and Kory Hubbel-class of 2003. A quartet of Joe Simmons, Jeff Gossel, Bill Kent, all 1983 alums and Joe Wauben, a 1986 alum also performed.

A special tribute was given to the late Ronald R. McVicker, who served as instrumental director at Ada from 1988 to 2003. The choir was led by soloist Sarah Spar Alexander, 1995 alum, to James's Taylor's "You've Got A friend." Two of McVicker's grandchildren, Ella and Jake Poling joined the choir on stage for the choral tribute.

All the proceeds of the concert benefited the Ronald R. McVicker Scholarship fund and The Ada Music Boosters. The event was organized by chairpersons Jeff Oestreich, VS alum from 1981 and Scott and Arlene Allison, VS alums from 1993.