NEW WESTON — A go-kart, dirt track and your dad’s undivided attention is every little boy’s dream, but for second grader Gavin Guyton it isn’t just a dream. Racing is in his blood. Gavin’s dad, Lenny Guyton, spent many years racing. After taking some time off, Guyton decided to get back on the track and take his son with him. On Sunday, Gavin took to the track for his race at Eldora Speedway in New Weston Ohio. Gavin competed in a class of eight other youth drivers. Most of his competition had at least a couple years experience. While Gavin admitted the race was a little scary and he finished at the back of the pack, he can’t wait to race again. The pint sized racer is learning everything he can about racing from his dad; lessons in how to change the oil on his kart, scale out the tire weight and tips for handling himself on the track are at the top of the list. Guyton said he built his son’s kart with the help of racecar and go-kart parts dealer Heath Phillips out of Findlay Ohio. All the parts for Gavin’s Monster Bad Boy Trick Olimpic racing go-kart came from Statesville North Carolina. “Phillips helped us get all the parts we needed and then came to the garage and built it with us,” said Guyton. He explained that the kart has to meet a specific weight to qualify for racing. Four specialized scales are used to set the each wheel weight for optimal preformance. According to his dad, Gavin should be able to race in his current cart until he is a teenager, as long as he doesn’t tear it up.

The go-kart is blue and orange because those are Gavin’s favorite colors. A bright number 74 is painted on the side, and ties the young driver to his dad. Hanging in the garage are old photos and parts from the original 74 car Guyton drove when he raced. While it is clear that the focus is on helping the racer in training learn the ropes, a frame of full-sized race car sits of to the side. Guyton said he plans to rebuild it, maybe race a little for fun here and there, but if his son decides he really wants to race, “it will be his.” “Most races are won right here in the garage. As long as his grades and his attitude stay good, we will race. I will teach him everything I know,” said Guyton.